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Passionate About Inspiring Others

ODS was founded by Danny Lanz, based on the fundamental view that almost every company can achieve better results through better communication, alignment, and leadership.  Whether its an operational challenge, an employee retention obstacle, or a sales realization goal, ODS offers standardized and customized solutions to help your organization be more successful.

With 20 years of progressive leadership in Aerospace and High-Tech industries, Danny has managed almost every functional discipline from software development to engineering; sales to accounting; program management to operations.  Danny participated in leadership development programs at Northrop Grumman and Eaton Corporation, including an MBA and several certificate programs; Value-based Selling, Interviewing and Onboarding, Performance Management, and LEAN Facilitation and Leadership.  Danny has successfully managed people in roles ranging from hourly manufacturing to executives.

Danny is a proven problem solver in complex operational recovery scenarios. Examples include manufacturing plant closures, supplier bankruptcies’, cash flow challenges, ERP implementations, and major product/service quality improvement projects.

With a strong and structured foundation in large public corporations, Danny transitioned to smaller private organizations. With full P&L responsibilities, Danny was able to make positive cultural changes, as well as deliver record growth and profits.  Danny excels in developing and delivering technical trainings for non-technical staff, bringing the complex Engineering world into laymen terms.  With a passion for leadership development, Danny has partnered with Allen Training Centers to provide world-class training and coaching to businesses large and small.


A world where managers and employees, suppliers and customers, work effectively and efficiently together to achieve outstanding results.


Deliver outstanding, measurable organizational development solutions based on the fundamental principles of leadership, respect, and trust.

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