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"Danny has provided very focused and thoughtful coaching to the El-Com team. He is highly analytical but also possesses high EQ and was able to quickly and effectively lead our team to results. He was respected by employees at all levels and was very adept at practical solutions while maintaining a strategic perspective."

Arik Vrobel - President, El-Com System Solutions

"Danny Lanz stepped into a program that was fundamentally strong and solid in performance, and began a transformation into a globally recognized entity in the program's industry. Through evaluation of policy and procedure and the training of a nationwide workforce, his leadership created confidence in the clients served by the program and the men and women who implemented the program both in the US and abroad."

Chris C.

Orange County, CA

our philosophy

ODS believes the fundamental problem with most supplier/customer relationships is poor communication.  Often our first step in a Supplier Development engagement is to ensure the customer is communicating it's requirements clearly, and that the supplier is communicating it's capabilities and status clearly, truthfully, and effectively.  We have proven success creating more transparent and valuable relationships between suppliers and customers in many Aerospace and High Tech manufacturing disciplines.  From there, we can tackle just about any kind of operational challenge effectively.

delivery improvement

With 20 years of experience in almost every major manufacturing commodity, ODS can offer tremendous value to both the customer and supplier when lead times are too long or the supplier falls behind schedule.  Proven and guaranteed results assure a positive experience and a stronger partnership between suppliers and customers going forward.  Covering all of Southern California and beyond utilizing a technology partnership with emTRUTH's block chain solution for a window into the supplier's factory.  For prospective suppliers, ODS can offer custom or standardized evaluations and assessments of suppliers under consideration for new contracts such as PPAP, APQP, etc.

Quality improvement

ODS offers unparalleled problem solving experience as well as the breakthrough traceability platform partnership with emTRUTH.  We are the first service provider to offer this level of technology and transparency in the supply chain, ensuring customer's get full visibility to all required documentation.  ODS can offer all types of Quality Improvement and Assurance services from Audits (ISO9001 13485 AS9100) and Assessments to high level root-cause analysis and corrective action management.

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