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"Danny has provided very focused and thoughtful coaching to the El-Com team. He is highly analytical but also possesses high EQ and was able to quickly and effectively lead our team to results. He was respected by employees at all levels and was very adept at practical solutions while maintaining a strategic perspective."

Arik Vrobel - President, El-Com System Solutions

"I have worked with Danny for the last 2 years.  I have attended two different training programs where Danny was the lead facilitator and found his materials to be concise, relevant, and well-delivered.  Danny is honest and respectful and I would highly recommend him."           

Tom Nickle - President

At Your Site Drug Screening LLC

I’ve had the pleasure of working for Danny Lanz as his Manager of Business Development. What I personally found refreshing was Danny’s “We” vs. “I” management style. I also learned a great deal watching Danny present to large and small groups as his message was conveyed with a unique blend of “calm”, “knowledge” and “passion”.  

Jerome Jones - Owner

DMJ Sales

High impact manager

Developed by benchmarking 20,000 businesses over the course of 30 years, High Impact Manager works with leaders to turn best practices into habits. The 24 Habits can be used by managers in organizations of all sizes in every field.


Managers learn how to apply two High Impact Manager habits each month for 12 consecutive months. The 24 habits collectively generate outstanding success for High Impact Managers. These habits will individually bring about measurable increases in the results of the managers and the organization. Managers will leave each session with a defined Action Plan to implement that month’s topic. The courses are organized, by month, into four packages: Acquiring and Developing Talent, Influencing Others, Self-Development, and Team Performance.

High Impact Manager online training is followed by monthly, four-hour, face-to-face training sessions with an ATC certified trainer/coach. These sessions are provided virtually or in person.


As a result of High Impact Manager training, your executives and other managers will be more effective managing their subordinates and managing themselves. They will generate higher impact results for your organization.

results driven sales management

Managing a sales force isn’t like managing any other department. Lack of sales management effectiveness is a huge issue in most organizations. Without effective sales management, sales goals are too often missed and gross profit is less than it should be. Having an effective manager can be the most significant factor in a seller’s success. 

Our Results Driven Sales Management training program is for those in sales management who have functional responsibilities for sales departments. This sales management training involves 10 skill sets, such as how to compensate salespeople in ways that are more motivational and how to regularly hold scheduled meetings to track key performance indicators that sales managers, and others who functionally manage salespeople, need to bring about the greatest amount of sales and gross profit results for their organizations.

Each Results Driven Sales Management training session focuses on one of 10 essentials for increasing sales from your salespeople. The training is not sales training. It is training that provides the tools, framework, knowledge and skills to recruit, hire and manage your salespeople so they get significantly greater results for your organization. The program provides 10 months of blended learning with online training for a different topic each month, followed by a face-to-face training session, which may be virtual or in person.


Our AlignUp management development training program is for those managers who report directly to the Key Decision Maker in their organizations. Those who take AlignUp training bring about greater workplace alignment by aligning up with the person to whom they report, working more effectively with their fellow peers and pushing alignment down through every level of the organization. AlignUp training brings about greater organizational synergy and less stress for those in management.

When you have an aligned workplace, your employees will be more driven, passionate and happy. This will result in less employee turnover. This reduces the time and cost spent to recruit, hire and train new personnel.

The program works directly with teams and their leaders and includes a combination of online learning, seven monthly workshops, monthly assignments and executive coaching. Managers will leave each session with a defined Action Plan to implement that month’s topic. Unlike other team training programs, AlignUp training is about forming habits and getting all members of the team to understand and respect all roles on the team, and to work together with energy and synergy.

executive coaching

The International Coach Federation performed a global coaching study in which it was reported that the median company return from coaching was 700% of the initial investment. Companies that hire executive coaches for their executives and other top managers are making an investment that brings about a significant return on investment.

High Impact Manager Executive Coaching unlocks the potential and increases the productivity of executives and other managers at every level who you want to develop. Organizations with executives and other managers who receive High Impact Manager Executive Coaching see a great return on investment. Executive coaching brings increased productivity and greater levels of company success with increases in revenue, cash flow and a reduction in costs. It also helps those being coached to improve their individual work performances in alignment with achieving the employer’s company vision and goals.

High Impact Manager Executive Coaching involves one-to-one, interactive dynamics between a High Impact Executive Coach and executives and other managers who have the potential to make a high level of impact on their organizations. If used in conjunction with an ATC training program (not required), the coaching both reinforces what is learned in the training program and helps to apply it.

The characteristics of High Impact Manager Executive Coaching follows defined steps, milestones and time frames. It is customized to adapt to the needs of both the organization and the person being coached.

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