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Employee and Leadership Development Services



Organizational Development Solutions (ODS) was founded by Danny Lanz to coach employees and leaders to reach their potential; aligning goals, and achieving them.  Danny brings 20 years of progressive leadership experience in Aerospace and Biotechnology, having tackled a broad range of Sales, Operations, Engineering, and Technology challenges. ODS believes that the greatest assets of any business are its people, and we endeavor to help companies achieve the greatest return on their human resource investment.  ODS offers structured training programs as well as tailored solutions and individual coaching.  We are proud to partner with Allen Training Centers (ATC) to provide world-class leadership development training and coaching.  Danny is also a co-founder of Results Driven Leadership.  


"I have attended two training sessions coordinated and facilitated by Danny over the last three years. On each occasion, I found Danny to be concise, articulate, engaging and interesting. He demonstrated excellent leadership skills, was interactive with attendees, and offered pragmatic and intuitive solutions to technical issues discussed. He was friendly and maintained an open approach to any and all points or counterpoints discussed in the sessions. I would highly recommend Danny to any of my colleagues."


Mike Corkill - President, CDDC

"Danny has provided very focused and thoughtful coaching to the El-Com team. He is highly analytical but also possesses high EQ and was able to quickly and effectively lead our team to results. He was respected by employees at all levels and was very adept at practical solutions while maintaining a strategic perspective."

Arik Vrobel - President, El-Com System Solutions

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